About Us

Robbie's Birth

September 1, 1994

A family institution was been born.  Clyde, Mae, and Ed had an idea and between them Robbie's came to be.  The three worked tirelessly for many years to make that idea a reality and set the path for what Robbie's has become today.  Lots of blood , sweat, tears, and love went into making Robbie's the great place it has become.  We are very proud of how Robbie's has grown.

Why The Name Robbie's

Mae named Robbie's in remembrance of her son Rodger, nicknamed Robbie.

Our Mission

Family owned and operated since 1994.  We hope you come to Robbie's, feel comfortable and enjoy yourself while you are here.  When you leave for the evening we want you to be happy and look forward to coming back.

Did You Know

Ed, Clyde, Robbie, and Dennis served in the United States Armed Forces and defended America in two wars.


We have the utmost respect for our soldiers and those who serve to keep our great country free.  Thank you for your sacrifice for our freedom.  WE SALUTE YOU!

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